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Almost 100 years ago, the humble beginnings of Springfield Pasta Company can be traced back to the hills of Italy in the early 1930s. Domenico Napoletano and his father began by operating a small grain trading business in the region of Abruzzi, about 120 miles due east of Rome. The grain operation slowly developed into a small storefront where nonna Nancy crafted fresh homemade pasta out of simple natural ingredients and love. Her wonderfully delicious recipes for pastas are still used today and enjoyed by all of our customers.

As many Italians did at the time, Domenico moved the family to Argentina in the late 1950s where they continued hand-making pasta in the business district of Buenos Aires. Then in 1965, Domenico with his three sons: Mario, Corrado and Claudio moved the business with them to Springfield, Pennsylvania where the Springfield Pasta name was born.

Since 1965, many businesses have come and gone on Saxer Ave., but Springfield Pasta has endured through unsurpassed dedication to quality and simply using the finest ingredients available.

All pastas are manufactured on premises with a dedicated team of employees. We assure you that high quality control and care has been taken to bring you the best pasta available, allowing you to enjoy the homemade taste of wholesome pasta without the homemade mess.

We offer over 40 varieties of pastas including fresh ravioli, manicotti and spaghetti with tantalizing flavors such as garlic & basil, black pepper & olive oil and spinach. Our gourmet filled ravioli come in delectable flavors such as lobster, crab, shrimp, roasted red pepper, portabella mushroom, pesto, spinach, and pumpkin. We also have a variety of sauces to accompany any pasta perfectly. Complete your meal with fully cooked meatballs or sausage.

We also have a great selection of party trays available to make hosting any event easy and mess-free.